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Selected District: Springfield
Total Number of Projects: 46 Number of Active Projects: 7

List of Projects for the District are as follows:

School nameMSBAIDProject TypeProject PhaseTotal Project BudgetReimbursement RateEstimated Building Completion DateMSBA Amt Paid(to Date)Estimated MSBA Payment Amt Remaining
Alfred G. Zanetti Montessori Magnet School201602810095Accelerated RepairCloseout$2,681,14380.00% $1,912,904$213,137
Alice B Beal Elementary200902810175GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$678,33380.00% October, 2009 $432,747 
Alice B Beal Elementary201102810175GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,086,85280.00% $846,443 
Arthur T Talmadge200902810165GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$63,66980.00% $50,935 
Balliet Middle School201602810360Accelerated RepairCloseout$1,187,07780.00% $738,300$82,705
Brightwood201502810025Core ProgramConstruction$80,624,01180.00% July, 2021 $33,947,343$16,271,389
Chestnut Accelerated Middle School (North)201302810310Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$2,208,69780.00% $1,306,343 
Daniel B Brunton201502810035Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$2,662,47080.00% August, 2017 $1,677,198 
Elias Brookings201102810030ECore ProgramFinal Audit Approved$27,900,000100.00% $25,050,677 
Forest Park MiddleW20014137WaitlistFinal Audit Approved$44,144,99390.00% $36,568,621 
Frank H Freedman200902810075GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,675,16880.00% $1,293,203 
Gerena200902810195GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,414,79480.00% $1,109,577 
Glickman Elementary200902810068GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,486,90280.00% $1,109,988 
High School/Science-Tech201302810530Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$2,816,95580.00% $1,936,260 
Homer Street200902810085GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$539,35280.00% $409,299 
John F Kennedy Middle200902810328GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,781,79680.00% $1,408,376 
John F Kennedy Middle201402810328Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$4,487,80380.00% $2,138,289 
John J Duggan Middle200902810320GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$5,220,01480.00% $4,144,734 
Kensington International School201402810110Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,222,82880.00% $761,258 
Kensington International School201602810110Accelerated RepairCloseout$1,488,91380.00% $973,188$156,353
Liberty200902810115GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$684,32780.00% $544,684 
M Marcus Kiley Middle200902810330GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$2,478,56780.00% $1,902,557 
M Marcus Kiley Middle201602810330Accelerated RepairCloseout$6,414,07080.00% $4,479,342$651,914
Margaret C Ells200802810060GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,341,04780.00% $1,046,740 
Margaret C Ells201302810060Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,218,91280.00% $776,659 
Mary A. Dryden Veterans Memorial School200902810125Core ProgramFinal Audit Approved 80.00% $414,681 
Mary A. Dryden Veterans Memorial School201102810125ECore ProgramFinal Audit Approved$15,051,832100.00% $10,644,828 
Mary M Lynch200902810140GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$990,65980.00% $782,432 
Mary M Lynch201602810140Accelerated RepairCloseout$1,504,81680.00% $1,078,883$124,969
Mary M Walsh200902810155GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$819,83680.00% $603,617 
Mary M Walsh201502810155Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$2,646,86980.00% August, 2017 $1,408,763 
Mary O Pottenger200902810145Core ProgramFinal Audit Approved 80.00% October, 2009 $420,367 
Milton Bradley School200902810023GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$767,53380.00% $532,064 
Rebecca M Johnson200902810055GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$696,05280.00% $525,119 
Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical AcademyW20054428WaitlistFinal Audit Approved$114,303,15290.00% July, 2012 $92,819,536 
South End Middle School201302810355Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$478,00180.00% $336,082 
Springfield Central High200902810500GGreen RepairN/A 80.00%   
Springfield Central High201202810500Science Lab InitiativeFinal Audit Approved$27,935,42180.00% $18,952,366 
Springfield Public Day High School200802819999Core ProgramN/A     
Springfield Public Day High School201302810550Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$819,43980.00% $595,112 
Springfield Public Day High School201502810550Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,690,80880.00% August, 2017 $1,136,987 
STEM Middle Academy201502810350Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$2,103,39680.00% September, 2017 $1,045,861 
Thomas M Balliet201602810015Accelerated RepairCloseout$2,180,97480.00% $1,452,409$181,451
Warner200902810180GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,532,95880.00% $1,212,359 
Washington200902810185GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$131,07180.00% $81,272 
White Street200902810190GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$794,49180.00% $591,618 
Notice on MSBA Project Information
The MSBA updates the project information on the MSBA website on a regular basis; however, due to timing issues or other circumstances, there may be instances where the most up-to-date information does not yet appear. If you have questions or concerns about any of the project information, please contact the MSBA.
The Estimated MSBA Payment Amount Remaining is the maximum amount of funding that the District may still receive from the MSBA for the Project. The actual amount paid by the MSBA may equal an amount less than this estimated amount, as determined by an audit conducted by the MSBA.