Capital Planning Data & Information: School Construction Costs

This chart includes construction costs for new construction projects as bid from FY 09 through FY 17, as well as construction cost estimates at preferred schematic and at schematic design for projects recently approved by the Board and expected to bid in FY 18 and FY 19. Additionally, the chart provides an inset with a closer look comparing the schematic design estimates to the bids received for FY 16, FY 17 and the first quarter of FY 18. Common economic indicators are included at the bottom of the chart.

To filter the data specific to a Contractor, Designer, and/or OPM, use the filters on the right to uncheck the boxes next to the categories you do not want shown. To uncheck all of the names, uncheck the box next to “All”. Please note, for the common economic indicators lines to show, the “Null” box must remain checked. These filters act as “AND” filters when used in combination. (Ex: checking a contractor and a designer will filter to only those projects that had both that contractor and that designer.)