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Selected District: Westfield
Total Number of Projects: 11 Number of Active Projects: 1

List of Projects for the District are as follows:

School nameMSBAIDProject TypeProject PhaseTotal Project BudgetReimbursement RateEstimated Building Completion DateMSBA Amt Paid(to Date)Estimated MSBA Payment Amt Remaining
Abner Gibbs200903250020Core ProgramFinal Audit Approved$32,954,42365.98% $1,519,075 
Franklin Ave201803250015Core ProgramConstruction$62,159,13977.00% $27,702,040$8,499,560
Highland201003250025GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$470,02662.74% $289,125 
Highland201103250025GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,106,97262.74% $452,453 
Munger Hill201103250033EAccelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$828,60159.84% $451,971 
Paper Mill201103250036GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$427,29162.74% $268,083 
Paper Mill201203250036Accelerated RepairFinal Audit Approved$797,35459.84% $437,643 
Southampton Road201003250040GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$521,04662.74% $309,879 
Southampton Road201103250040GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$1,143,29262.74% $513,492 
Westfield High201103250505GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$684,86262.74% $404,886 
Westfield Technical Academy201103250605GGreen RepairFinal Audit Approved$8,895,49562.74% $5,233,200 
Notice on MSBA Project Information
The MSBA updates the project information on the MSBA website on a regular basis; however, due to timing issues or other circumstances, there may be instances where the most up-to-date information does not yet appear. If you have questions or concerns about any of the project information, please contact the MSBA.
The Estimated MSBA Payment Amount Remaining is the maximum amount of funding that the District may still receive from the MSBA for the Project. The actual amount paid by the MSBA may equal an amount less than this estimated amount, as determined by an audit conducted by the MSBA.